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Pamela Goffman, LCSW, TEP earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work at Fordham University.  Pamela received training through the Manhattan's Vet Center in the  treatment of trauma. She was the psychiatric social worker and trained the clinical staff at Samaritan Village’s Veterans' Program on treating the trauma of combat. 

Since 1998 she has been in Delray Beach, FL. Along with her private practice, Pamela has created and operated a clinical arm for an international adoption agency, provided the mental health component to a pain clinic, and consulted for many of the substance abuse agencies in South Florida. She has also been a frequent presenter at ASGPP and NASW conferences, as well as an adjunct professor in the clinical graduate school of Social Work at Barry University. 

In 2009 Pamela created her training institute, Psychodrama Institute of South Florida where she has had an ongoing training group, supervision group and workshop presentations on a wide array of topics. Pamela enjoys collaboration with many colleagues, and  presents workshops nationally and internationally. Pamela remains passionate about her work with this approach and appreciates the great responsibility to pass on this powerful philosophy, theory and method of healing.



S.B.  March, 2003

S. B. March, 2003

Prior to meeting Pamela Goffman I was desperately seeking a psychotherapist who could help me with my deep depression and feelings of emptiness and loneliness. For a period of five years I counseled with four different therapists to seek peace in my life. My life was a mess during my five year search, I had hit rock bottom. It had to be divine intervention that lead me to Pamela Goffman. While the four previous therapists talked me through my immediate issue(s), Pamela quickly identified the core of my pain and we began our journey together. Pamela's therapy techniques in psychodrama have turned my life around. Her psychodrama skills enabled me to experience my past in the here and now. The experiential format of psychodrama enabled me to break through my denial to experience feelings that I had buried for far too long. Pamela's teaching techniques assisted me in rediscovering myself. Pamela is exuberant in sharing her wisdom. She is committed to her profession and her teachings bring a whole new meaning to living. While always displaying the highest levels of integrity and professionalism, Pamela also displays genuine concern and love.

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P.H. Nov, 2014, sober since 11/4/00

Pamela Goffman's knowledge and experience combined with her honesty and true compassion enabled me to regain the respect for myself, as well as respect from others that I have been searching for for so long.

-P.H. June, 2003, sober since 11/4/00

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C. B. June 2003

I have had the privilege of working with Pamela Goffman, LCSW over the past two years in the treatment of my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and addiction recovery. As a medical professional myself, I greatly appreciate Pamela's professional but compassionate atmosphere. Pamela tailors my plan of care specifically to my individual needs as they arise and works with me on a level that I can easily comprehend. She has incorporated my family into my therapy to help them better understand my illness and their role in my recovery. Not only is Pamela warm and caring but also readily available when I have been in crisis, either by phone or by appointment. Through both individual psychotherapy and group psychodrama Pamela has assisted me tremendously in begining taking back my life.

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